A Hack to Help You Get More StarCoins in Movie Star Planet

StarCoins is used as the money in MovieStarPlanet. To get more coins, you can buy it as a VIP member. It means you need to spend your actual money. However, do you know that you can get more coins for free? You may get some free coins if you know the moviestarplanet hack.

One of the hacks is by completing quests. To do so, you can click the button that says “Activities” and then you can choose “Careers.” This button is at the top of the screen. Then, your quest that is active will be shown with the rewards that you may get. After that, you may choose “Begin” to start the quest. You will be able to get the StarCoins after completing the quest. You will get various quests when playing the game. If you happen to forget the quest that you are doing, you can click the “Activities” button again to see the quest.