Watch This When Creating Video Profile

No duration is most appropriate for company profile video. Do not be too short and not too long. Too short, then the communication message to be conveyed and the image to be built will not be delivered. Too long-winded, make your company profile video will be abandoned. According to professional opinion, an ideal duration of the company profile video is a maximum of 2.5 minutes. If you need help making a video, you can visit website of itv video production.

There is also a company profile video that can be modified. In the modification here means, for example, to create a video company profile with a duration of 2 minutes but consists of 4 videos that can break down each 30 second for example. It is actually okay. So by making a video company profile model it, you can get many video company profile.

Of course, the audio video aspect is the most important thing in the company profile video. Audio video aspect is technical and therefore needs attention. Shooting and sound must be observed minute per minute or even up to seconds per second and transitions between one scene with other scenes. It is also good that the video aspect should be strong in the sense that if the company profile video is played without a sound, the viewing audience can capture the communication message from the company profile video without any sound.

But it does not mean the audio aspect is abandoned. A good picture will be stronger with the audio in the form of a good narration of words and songs that support.

There is also a debate that should top management present in the company profile video. This is, of course, natural, because it is feared if there is top management, and then top management is moved or replaced, it must make again the company profile video. Another case if the family company that will very rarely make significant changes in top management.