Cause of High Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is not a new type of disease. Almost everyone knows or even experiences it. If you are also one of those with hypertension, you can visit us at diettalk and get the solution. But how many know exactly what is a factor of a high blood disease in a person? Here are 10 factors that can increase a person’s risk of high blood pressure.

– Heredity factors
Not just skin colour, physical characteristics or properties that can be inherited from our parents. Apparently, any disease can. If one or both of your parents have high blood pressure, you may be at high risk.

– Age
As we get older, we are all increasingly at risk of developing high blood pressure. Why? Because the older we grow, the elasticity of our blood vessels is also reduced so that it tends to have to narrow of blood vessels. As a result, blood pressure increases.

– Gender
Until the age of 45, men are more at risk of high blood pressure. At the age of 45 to 64, both men and women have the same level of risk. However, precisely at that age, women are more at risk.

– Less movement (Sedentary lifestyle)
Usually, people living in big cities tend to have less sedentary lifestyles. Working in the office, and continuous sitting, plus a lack of exercise, will tend to increase the risk of narrowing or blockage in the blood vessels. The result is an increased risk of high blood.

– Dietary habit
If you like to eat foods high in calories, fat, and sugar, maybe it’s time you reduce it to reduce the risk of high blood disease. And this is also a common fact known to almost everyone: cut down on salty foods because it can hold lots of fluids in the body, increasing the pressure.

– Excess weight
BMI (Body Mass Index) can be one measure of risk. If your BMI is 25 to 30, or even more, you are overweight, and more at risk of developing high blood pressure.

– Stress
Stress can increase blood pressure at a time. Adrenal hormones will increase as we stress, and that can lead to heart pumping blood faster so that blood pressure increases. In addition, when stress is usually our food choices are less good. We will tend to devour anything to relax, and that can have an indirect impact on our blood pressure.